Seven weeks and 13 pounds

This boy can eat. Did I mention what a good eater he is? Mom-mom asked us on skype yesterday if Henry had just finished a bottle, and I said no matter when she asked us that, she’d almost certainly be right.

Fred at the same age:

Two visits down, one to go

We had our second of three homestudy visits this morning. We originally thought we would have as many as eight visits, but we were just told a few weeks ago that we’ll be able to finalize Henry’s adoption in December, just three months after he was born. That certainly is faster than our wait for Fred!

Henry is really starting to wake up to the world, spending time looking at the skylights and definitely a lot of time looking at his big brother. The two of them are already buddies, and it’s a cool thing to see unfold. Henry also eats like…a 6 month old, taking in almost 8oz at a feeding. Most kids his age are maybe up to three ounces at this point, but not our big guy. It’s going to be hard keeping him in the same weekly clothes as Fred, if only because he’s going to bust out of them soon.

And again, here’s Fred in the same outfit for comparison:

Halloween, Marathons, and 5 weeks of Henry

Though there’s tons to say about the last week in the Jauss Haus, there’s not much energy left to say it.  Daddy had a bad stomach flu, mommy ran a marathon, Grandma & Grandpa Lion came to town and…it snowed in October!

So without further ado – the photos:

Who told these boys they are allowed to get older

Henry is three weeks old already. He eats about 5 or more ounces every 4 hours or so. Basically, he is a machine, eating more than what a kid 4 times his age would. The end result – delicious, delicious chubby baby legs.

Some pictures to go along with the big news

First off, some pictures from the hospital:

Then we went to a hotel for a few days while we waited for the paperwork to go home.

And now as always, time that had stood still for so long during our wait seems to speed by.

Happy news in the family

I’m going to try to post more often, because there are so many new babies in the family.  In February, we welcomed Uncle Mark & Aunt Marilyn’s baby girl, Scarlett Rae, and now we have to announce two new kiddos to the family. Aunt Amy and Uncle George welcomed Addison May on October 13, and just before that we welcomed our very own Henry Daniel to the Jauss Haus, born 9/26/11! So many cousins abound, and that doesn’t even take into consideration all of our close friends who had little brothers to add to our playgroup pals!

Pictures and details to come this weekend!

Getting Ready for School

In a few weeks, Fred will be starting pre-school. He’s been talking about how excited he is to wear a backpack, and that “they have toys there!”. We’ve been really happy with the school we’ve chosen so far, and the year hasn’t even started. Last night, there was a pizza and ice cream social, where we were paired up with a returning family and got to ask questions and just relax a bit.

The day that we had toured the school was a Friday, when there are sing-alongs almost right where you walk in. Well when we entered the building, Fred immediately was surprised that people weren’t singing. We walked down the hallway to the social hall where the director greeted us. Fred may have been hiding behind my legs at first, but by the end he was jumping around and giving high fives out.

Considering how much fun he had, we were surprised that he started crying when we left. It was still early, so we asked if he wanted to go to a playground. He sniffled that he didn’t want to go to a playground, but that he was sad because he went to school and didn’t have a backpack! Well, that was a problem easily solved. We went right to the store and let him pick out whatever one he wanted.

See for yourself!

In other news, he’s now 2.5 years old, just over 3′ tall (I’m betting 36.5 inches or so), and about 29 pounds. We’ve dabbled in potty training, but pulled back for a bit until school starts. We’re in no rush, and the extra support of school will definitely help. We have had tons of fun this summer, and I know I have a backlog of photos to get up. Hopefully with a bit of time, I can get them posted with stories about all of our adventures!

Almost there with the pedaling…

Visiting a friend

We’ve had O-man and his mom visit us, and we’ve visited him. We got a chance to make a quick trip down to North Carolina this week while Daddy was in Anchorage, Alaska. As Fred would say, “Cold, brr!”.

Florida 2011

With Daddy needing to go on a trip to Minnesota, Mommy and Fred decided to take a trip with Grandma and Grandpa down to Florida.

Fred did his first golf outing, in a particularly interesting style (apologies that the second video is sideways…

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